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why you need micellar water in your beauty routine

I am the ultimate beauty junkie and skin care is no exception. In fact, it might as well be the one thing I literally can't STOP buying or trying. Every product always makes big claims, but I really just want things that ACTUALLY work and are easy.

So this brings me to cleansing waters or Micellar waters. What might you ask IS a cleansing micellar water? And WHY would you need one?

Micellar technology uses cleansing agents that have both water loving & oil loving

properties called "micelles". The micelles are tiny balls of oil suspended in soft water. These two parts work together to attach to oil, dirt and impurities on your skin and voila....your skin is clean without being dried out.

Anyways...I did say that I'm a junkie, but did I also mention that I am also the ultimate lazy girl too?! Bottom line, micellar water can actually act like a face wash, makeup remover and moisturizer in one!

BOOM...How easy is that?? NEED one stat!

These waters are truly perfect for those who don't want a thousand step beauty routine, tend to be lazy with full face washing or those who travel. Basically, ANYONE.

Here are a few of my FAVS:

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water, $15 Amazon

This tried and true cult classic product appears backstage at fashion week, photoshoots and is always in makeup artists kit for quick & gentle makeup removal, touchups and skin refreshing. Plus you can also get it in a wipe format too....genius!

Mineral Cleansing Water, $18


As if there wasn't enough reasons to love bareMinerals, here's another. This micellar water actually contains no oil at all, rather it uses mineral sea salts, cucumber and rose water to cleanse the skin.

**BONUS** its 25% OFF at Ulta now thru 1/26/19

Purifying Ocean Mist Cleanser, $38

One Ocean Beauty,

Quite possibly the new "holy grail" of Micellar Water. New clean skincare company, One Ocean Beauty uses cutting edge blue biotechnology and active marine microorganisms to not only clean the skin, but improve firmness, diminish the appearance of pores and reduce shine. Plus it removes stubborn eye makeup without tugging, which is something most micellar waters can't claim. This makes it the ultimate win/win and #Jbrigsbeauty MUST HAVE in your beauty routine.

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