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trend tuesday: gloss

Once upon a time every girl was OBSESSED with gloss. We couldn't get enough of that wet juicy looking, freshly applied lip glossed look. We rocked juicy tubes, lip glazes and any extra thick shiny gloss all through out our middle & high school career. It was life. But then we graduated and our glossy addictions fell to the way side and were replaced with today's more sophisticated matte's.

Well makeup lovers rejoice! The 90's trend is back: not only with fashion, but also the original glossy looks we loved then and plus plenty of new unexpected ways.

Glossy Eyes: This is such a simple way to add sheen to your look, without looking like you fell into a tub of vaseline. The looks can be soft or bold, depending on your application. But either way, they give an unexpected pop the your shadow.

Get the look with: NYX Lid Laquer $6.99

Glossy Highlight: See ya' powder highlight, we are stepping up our strobbing game to get the "ultimate" glow this Summer. Apply the gloss exactly as you would your regular highlight and get ready to shine.

Get the look: Milk Face Gloss $20

All Over Gloss: If you are feeling really bold, go ALL out using the gloss all over the entire face, think dewey with a little kick! Just use your best judgement when applying all over gloss, you don't want to look like you smeared crisco all over your face.

Get the look: MAKE face gloss $25

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