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A self tanner that doesn't smell?! Yes, it exists and you NEED it!

YOU READ RIGHT! Everyone loves a healthy beautiful bronze glow and it can be achieved without damaging the skin laying out under those harmful UVA/UVB's with self tanner, but can we just talk about the smell?!? UGHHHHHH...It's the thorn in the side of self tanning's existence.

As an esthetician I have pretty much tried every self tanner under the sun and while many give me the color I want, I end up smelling like a mix of old french fries and sweaty gym socks (YUCK). Not exactly the thing I'm going for during a night on the town.

This all changed a few weeks ago when I found this little gem in the self tanner isle of my local Ulta Beauty. NKD Skin Tinted Tan Mousse in Medium (also avail in Dark)

The bottle claimed to have "odor remove technology", so naturally it caught my eye and I knew I needed to give it a test drive. It only set me back $20, which was not bad compared to some of the other brands I've tried at over $40, plus It also came with a small mitt (which I found difficult to use on larger areas of the body, so I tossed it and used my Tarte Mitt instead).

Flash forward to the next morning. It's a mousse, so it's light, airy and glides along the body fast and seamlessly. Bonus??? It's tinted so you can actually see where you're putting it - later streaks! Once my body was done, I was immediately able to dress without it leaving any color on my clothes, which is great because I am always rushing. As I mentioned, you can see the tan right away, but it also gradually darkens until you wash it off. I will say however, once it washed off it was definitely lighter than I wanted. So you can add another application until you reach your desired shade. I actually paired it with the NKD Skin Gradual Daily Moisturizer ($14.99), which kept my desired color going all week long! I would highly suggest using the two of them together for consistent, glowing skin... can we say love connection? But the best part of these product are the ingredients: They are ORGANIC, so you get the glow without that dreaded "self tanner smell" Halleluejah!

Do yourself a favor. Get this and get your tan on without that funky smell. You can thank me later bronze goddess!




NKD Skin Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer $14.99

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