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Brand Spotlight: Cane & Austin

In my quest for perfect skin, I stop at nothing to find the best of the "latest & greatest" products. You know, the ones that promise the world....the use me and you will look 20 again youth in a jar types. Yes, products that promise results -REAL results intrigue me.

However, you should also know I also hover between super high maintenance celebrity getting oscar ready type to the extremely low maintenance college student facial wipe/witch hazel type. So when I find something that is a fit for EVERYBODY and #Jbrigsapproved I get more than a little excited and have to share!

I got a deluxe sample of the Cane and Austin Line at Sephora, 6 packets to be exact of their 30% Glycolic Miracle Pad, which I didn't actually use right away since I had tried pretty much EVERY type of peel pad that exists and wasn't expecting anything other than the same results. Most of the peel pads in the store are 1x a day peels that vary in strength and type of acid used. Some have beta and alphas, some have various mixes depending on skin concern. In the past I had shied away from Glycolics because they had always irritated my skin. I was more a fan of lactic acid. However, once I read all the ingredients which had a myriad of fantastic acids, plant extracts plus the high concentration of Glycolic, I decided to give these babies a whirl . The best part was you could use them morning and night, which obviously meant to me that you would see results quicker.


The 30%, which delivers a medical grade clinical type treatment is the brands highest concentration of pad (they also make a 10% retexture pad, 20% Miracle and a 2% Salicylic/5% Glycolic pad as well) Seeing as how I like to "go big or go home", I swiped the maximum strength peel all over, even up under my eyes and while I did feel tingly, I was surprised at how non-irritating it was.

Note: If you have sensitive skin, you can always start out by using it 1x a week or 1x a day until you can build up to 2x.

I used the peel am & pm and In just 3 days use I actually saw a difference in my skin! Clearer, even, glowing skin. Dare I say, this could be the wipe that actually changes the lazy girls skin game forever?!?! I think so. It's something that can so easily be added to even the most extensive or simplest skincare regimen. You get 60 peels for $88 and with results like I saw with using just 6, it's a bargain, to say the least!

The line is currently exclusive to Sephora and, so If you are a Beauty Insider, VIB or VIB Rouge you should do yourself a favor and use your coupon 4/7-4/13/16 and get it with a discount!




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