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The "ESSENCE" of Hydration: May Coop RAW SAUCE

Step 1: Pre-Cleanse (cleansing oils)

Step 2: Cleanse (regular cleanse)

Step 3: Exfoliate

Step 4: Toner (restore ph balance to skin)

Step 5: Essence (restore hydration)

Step 6: Ampoule (serums)

Step 7: Mask

Step 8: Eye Cream

Step 9: Moisturizer

Step 10: Sleeping Pack

(hydrating sleep mask)

If the whole "Korean Skincare" routine confuses and overwhelmes you, you are not alone. This 10 step routine is not for the lazy girl looking to having it all. However, even for those of us who use more than just a facial wipe and moisturizer, It sparks the obvious questions:

"Do I really need all these steps to have beautiful/glowing/flawless skin?" "Can't I just skip a few?"

The answer is yes and no. I say pick a few steps to add to your routine and see if you can notice a difference. May I sugguest starting with Step 5?

Think of a baby's skin. It's perfect; soft, hydrated & supple. It's the skin you wish you had the morning after one too many glasses of wine. Why!? Because simply put dehydrated skin looks older and not as healthy as hydrated skin. Unfortunately, as we age we start to loose collagen and the hydration levels drop from our skin. Here is where the Koren's are getting it right with skincare. Essence and It's the one step you should add to your routine....immediately!

Essences are essential, as they literally restore skins hydration level. They can range from sprays to waterbased type fluid serums. I was told by a fellow product junkie that I was missing out on an amazing product. So clearly I ran to my local Sephora and snagged my very own May Coop Raw Sauce Essence. At only $14 in their Beauty On The Fly section, it was a small investment to make in great skin.

The product is formulated with 93% Maple Sap particles, which have the same molecular size as the water in our own skin. This means the skin readily recognizes and bonds to the existing water in it. This allows the formula to penetrate deep with intense hydration. Plus better hydration levels allow any subsequent products (i.e., serums/moisturizers) to work at a more efficient level. Talk about synergy.

So in true lazy girl fashion, I tested it out and yes, when I needed it the most: the morning after a night out. I mean, how else could I see if it really works?!?!? I used a facial wipe to clean my skin (so lazy of me) and then applied the Raw Sauce with my hands. It absorbed immediately and I could visibly SEE the difference, hello hydration! I may have not felt the best that morning, but skin looked good! And the best part? Even after my moisturizer & makeup application. It stayed that way! Needless to say, I was hooked. I even convinced my husband to put some one because I literally couldn't believe how quickly it plumped the skin up. He actually liked it too and not because I told him that he would!


Get it! At $14 for a 1.3 oz, your not breaking the bank or wasting time on a bunch of skincare steps you may not need. Plus It gives you more time to sleep like a baby and wake up looking like one!

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