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Beauty Find: African Black Soap

There is nothing I love more than a quick skin fix. Especially when mine is going haywire, which might I add happens more frequently than I care to admit. If you have ever experienced those annoying chin & face breakouts that make you feel more like your going through puberty than moving towards menopause, then I have the latest skincare product to the rescue: African Black Soap

This ancient hidden beauty secret is made from palm ash, tamarind extract, tar and plaintain peel and it is meant to calm and clear blemishes and troubled skin, including eczemas and psoriasis.

I was quite excited to discover one of my favorite brands, Shea Moisture; a natural & organic company, has a whole "problematic skin" line featuring African Black Soap. Not only are this companies products fabulous, organic and priced well, but they WORK too!

I initally tried the African Black Soap facial bar ($6) which definitely worked to break down the oils in my skin, leaving it super soft and calming my skin. However after a week of using, I determined it was alittle too much for my combo complexion.

I next found my 2 favs in the line:

African Black Soap Toner ($10) This product is meant to remove impurities, address breakouts, soothe and manage oil/shine. It also has Tea Tree oil and comes in a convenient spray pump, that can be misted directly on to face (be sure to avoid eyes/mouth). I was spritzing a few times a day on a crazy break out I was having and voila....the skin started cleared up before my eyes...minus all the redness/dryskin that usually follows.

African Black Soap Mask ($12) Draw out skin's impurities and excess oil with this light clay mask, that actually left my skin soft and refreshed, as opposed to the usual tight feeling some other clay masks give me. I used it 3/4x during the breakout area as more of a spot treatment than mask. Coupled with the toner, it was the definite one, two punch my zits needed.

I would highly recommend checking the entire line out if you haven't already and at this price point, you would be foolish not to. Eco & wallet friendly?? Always a win in my book!




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