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Kylie Who????

Since the Jenner clan (Thank you Caitlyn & Kylie) is clogging up the majority of my news feed, I decided to write about a product that I tried and give 2 thumbs up on for getting those infamous "Kylie Jenner" lips aka #kyliejennerchallenge.

It's quick, inexpensive and best of all wont give you those crazy bruises that the above hashtag shows on insta! Some of those were indeed, #epicfails. I was actually turned onto Full Lips lip enchancer by a friend of mine. She bought them and thought I needed them in my life. Well, she was right. The product comes in 3 sizes:

Large Round: The largest of the three and the only round one.

  • This would not be the best choice for use if you are looking to target specific areas; one of the ovals is better suited for that.

  • This enhancer is also best for a person who has a larger mouth area and/or fuller lips in general.

  • This enhancer may offer some benefit to plumping up small lip lines around the mouth area for some people.

Medium Oval:

This oval can be used both vertically and horizontally. It is best suited for women with smaller, overall mouth sizes or very thin lips.

  • When using this one horizontally, because of the narrow opening, it will just draw in the lip area but not much of the surrounding mouth area.

  • This one can also be used vertically but works best for just the center area as it is too long to turn vertically on the sides of the mouth and still have it get a good suction.

Small Oval:

The smallest of the fullips enhancers is the small oval. This happens to be my personal favorite as it meets my needs the best.

  • This enhancer is best used vertically and for women that want to target very specific areas of their lips.

  • Because of its size, it is not good for doing the whole mouth area at once. It can be used vertically as well as horizontally and moved around to do small areas at a time. The plus is that you can really target certain areas to actually shape your lips.

I actually used the small oval to achieve the look above, because it gives you just enough of the plump and you can really target the area you want. Pucker Up !!

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