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The perfect pair of Genes

Admit it. When you find the perfect pair of Jeans, you are pumped! The ones that fit every curve and make you look absolutely AMAZING and you always want to wear?!? And while I do love me a good pair of Jeans today's post is about another pair of jeans....the genetic kind of "genes"

Sunday Riley is quickly gaining "cult classic" status for their highly effective skincare, which couples advanced chemistry and pure, potent botanicals. In fact, I had heard so many wonderful things about the products from fellow celebrity make-up artists, estheticians and product junkies, that I knew I needed to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

Enter Good Genes: This multi purpose* Latic Acid product is quite a game changer if I do say so myself. Priced on what some would consider higher end ($105). Have no fear. You are totally getting what you pay for, as it is formulated some powerful ingredients:

40% Latic Acid: The more gentle sister of glycolic acid, which also hydrates and brightens at same time

Lemongrass: Circulation booster (think glowing skin due to increased oxygen)

Licorice: Anti-Inflamatory and additional brightener

Arnica: The ultimate in skin soothing and repairing, especially for wounds, bruises, etc.,

Yeast: Creates stronger, smoother skin

*not only can this treatment be used daily, you can also use as a weekly mask.

I will say, some people can experience minor breakouts when they first use the product as their skin purges. It is minor and will clear up with continued use. I did NOT experience this. The only thing I noticed was the immediate effects of the smoothing, brightening and firming. I am in LOVE with the results from this product and would highly recommend checking it out.

Hey,so maybe you weren't genetically blessed with great skin. But, you can have it with this little bottle!

Dont you just love when you find those perfect genes??



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