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Why you should ditch your clarisonic

Face routines, i'm sure we all have one. And we all know there's about a million different products and ways in which you go about getting that mug of yours clean. Mine includes everything from facial wipes, to hands and mutiple gadgets to cleanse, exfoliate and prep my skin.

Until now, I had always used my trusty Clarisonic. It's rotating brush gently exfoliated and cleaned my skin to squeeky clean perfection, with the only downside being it's intial investment (between $149-$199) and it's pricey little brush replacement heads every few months ($25-$30 a head). Then I got my hands on its natural alternative, the Konjac Sponge.

Washbeauty just launced their Konjac Facial Sponge this week. The Konjac Sponge looks like a hard little rock when dry, but wet it and it becomes your skin's new BFF. Once wet, it expands like an actual sponge. It's made from all the natural Konjac Potato root plant found in Asia. Known for its rich mineral content and superior cleansing properties, it's also naturally ph balanced to leave skin in optimal condition. You can use it alone, or by adding a small drop of your favorite cleanser. Simple move in a circular motion across the skin to cleanse and exfoliate. The have 2 types, one is for normal/dry skin and the other is a Bamboo Charcoal for oily/acneic skin. They should be rinsed out after use and let to air dry. Techincally, the sponge should last you at least 3 months and can even be microwaved or put in boiling water to kill any bacteria (if you get creeped out by stuff like that).

So save yourself some money on your electric bill and trips to your local beauty retailer for replacement heads by adding this all natural sponge to your beauty repertoire!



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