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The Skincare Brand You Haven't Heard Of

I love discovering new things. It's that exciting moment that makes you feel like you've hit the jackpot or dare I even say, experience "product nirvana"?? Well, it happened to me

when I spied a product that I had heard about on the shelves at my local Target.

Yes, Target! So what, you may wonder, is this brand you've never heard of ??


Laneige is a Korean skincare brand, that is being exclusively carried at Target. In fact,

it's actually Amore Pacific's sister brand, so I was already pretty confident that their

products would be fabulous and I was right. As it turnsout, Laneige is a french word

meaning "snow". What does snow have to do with skincare?? Think water.

Water = dewey, hydrated, radiant skin. (yes, please!) In fact, with over over 7,000 forms

of water available in the world, this company has developed an actual " Water Science Technology" that infuses their products with things such as magnesium, zinc and other collagen restoring bio peptides.

If you are unfamiliar with the Korean skincare regime, it has does have a few more steps

than we American gals may utlitize (no facewipes here). Here's the quick run down:

1. Cleansing

2. Skin Refining (toners)

3. Essences* (serums/ampoules)

4. Masks

5. Emulsions (light moisturizers)

6.. Creams (heavier moisturizers)

*this step can include two or more different ampoules going from lighter to heavier

This line has such an array of products online that I was intially giddy and overwhelmed

at my options. However, In store there is a nicely edited assortment. So picking the

product best suited for your skin type won't be an issue.

Since I have an abundance of other products at home, I decided to go with the

Multi 4 in 1 Cleanser with Papaya enzymes ($22)

and the Water Sleeping Mask ($23), which is infused with Orange flower, Rose

and Sandlewood, brightening anti-oxidant Hunza Apricot & retexturizing Chestnut


The cleanser was AMAZE. It said it would remove makeup, sunscreen, exfoliate and

cleanse all at once. It completely lived up to it's claims. Heck, even my husband loved

it. Next up, the sleeping mask. This mask, unlike traditional ones, is meant to be

applied over your moisturizer as the final step before sleeping. It fully absorbed before

my head hit the pillow and I woke up to plump, refreshingly youthful looking skin. I am

so impressed with the products, that I now want to explore ALL the other options

for my skin type.

Do yourself a favor and check them out next time your in your local Target...I mean,

you know your gonna blow a $100 on a bunch of other stuff there anyways. So why

not score some amazing products that will make you feel like you discovered the next

best thing in skincare? And don't worry, you secret is safe with me.

Check them out

Instagram: Laneige_us

Facebook: Laneige US


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