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5 Pieces You Need This Spring

Spring. Yes, believe it or not, It's almost here. So I'm sharing some of the things on my

Spring shopping list:

Fancy Sneakers: Wedge sneakers are so "last season". Good thing there are so

many cute styles out now to choose from. Be it sporty workout, sleek slip ons or a new

spin on retro throw backs. Run...don't walk to snag yourself a pair this season.

Fun Shaped Bag: Think out of the "box" if you will this season and carry a bag

that is more of a statement piece.

Statement Flats: Dare I say, I may ACTUALLY be wearing flats this season?!?!

Yes. When they look like this I will be and so should you.

Floral: It's probably the thing we associate most with Spring and this season

is no exception. Feel free to add a pop or go full on floral....either way your style will be

in full bloom

Gingham: I promise you won't look like you swiped the table cloth from the

family picnic. This season takes the classic element and puts a sexy twist on it.

With cute short sets and crop tops, you can rock your "Gingham Style".

Happy shopping my little fashionistas!




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