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You Got SLIMED: The Korean Beauty trend you need to try

Does slime make you think of that gooey green stuff they used to dump on the Nickelodeon Channel?? Well, if so, you may not be that far off.

Meet the latest ingredient in Korean skincare that can help ALL us ladies with problematic skin: SNAIL SLIME CREAM. Yes, you read right. Apparently when a snail is damaged, it discharges mucus from its body, which helps heal wounds. Snail mucus is composed of chondroichin that penetrates deep into the skin. It prevents aging, improves elasticity, brightens, controls moisture levels and promotes skin cell regeneration. Plus, the secretion is an antibacterial which makes it a winner for acnenic skin. So while the thought of slime may bring back some childhood could also help bring back our youthful glow!

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Tony Moly 24K Snail Cream


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