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How to Contour like a REAL person, NOT a Kardashian

Seriously though....if one more person comes into a Sephora or Ulta asking for the Kardashian Contour or asking me for what they "saw on YouTube" I may have to cut a b*$#

STOP. I need to be honest with you. That contour and highlight is NOT for everyday life. It's meant for photography, television and possibly redcarpet. But not, I repeat, not for running errands or shopping at the mall.

That being said, enter Stila's newest star product: Shape and Shade. This amazing cream to powder formula is matte and truly looks like, wait for it... REAL SKIN!!! It comes in 3 shades; light, medium and dark and its BFF is the shading brush ($38), which features both synthethic and natural hair bristles for the perfect application . Plus adding this gem to your makeup line up will only set you back $40. Keep up with that Kardashians!

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